Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So you know how to make a profit

Libs have largely lost their way in the real world where productivity matters ---Life is not based on parasitical behaviour.  So you know how to make a margin- well so do some of us.
Until Libs start governing and thinking more deeply about the diversity of economic elements their ability to remain credible out in the Country is in doubt , Sure they have cloned a few Nats in their own image but the majority of food producers in this Country would not rate most Nat leaders as capable of complex independant  thinking .

Just to prove it , Peter Walsh has just allowed the same  city centrics who drafted the CALP act to have another go .( The new WATER ACT )  The reality is that this new but additional bureau will create even more waste paper and cost disability as any Green group has ever done.Where is their experience with the real world they want to control ? See graphic .103 members lived in and around Melbourne

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The grand offence of The Liberal Party

It thinks it knows how to make an economy work.
Of course its partly true: their members often do and can see through the shallow rhetoric that causes Labor to spend without thinking( putting the mind in gear, hands on the wheel and the feet on the ground ).
The big ongoing area of offence is due to ignorance and arrogance about industries that work with the sensitive matters of  Agriculture. Rural productivity and profitability is simply  NOT a clone of the cash economy and its time the men and women of the great Aussie Island set their minds on it , instead of being overly influenced by marketeers, retailers and the parasitic ; stop ignoring the unique needs of  the productive paradigms  .How can we PRESUME to help overseas RURAL ecos when most people CLEARLY do not understand our own 
Our kids need us to show more sense and less sycophantic adherence to overseas and internal predjudice on the issues of "making money and mining the future " .  Our big country needs a big and more mature picture that has RESPECT for the diversity of economic systems within it .

I vote for CONSERVATIVES sometimes BUT  I sure want to shake them more than any other party . Liberals are not on their own at being their own worst enemies (whats new for any party?) The libs policy on green army is a joke making them prehistoric in their attitude to the environment . If they persist in the ir poretection of private consultants and their arrogance in relation to promoting public good they will MISS the opportunity of a generation ( to continue the sustainable economy)

HOWEVER , In my experience they clearly win the prize for being  the most arrogant, ignorant and indifferent lot.
 I hope the situation in INDI shakes the conservatives deeply BUT on the evidence for YEARS  from CORANGAMITE ( where the situation is exactly the same - Liberals think they know ;think  themselves- right to rule).Sarah should have got in last time but her partyies patronising and indiiference to the poor in our community is plain to us .If I had a choice I would always choose a leader who didn't think they knew because the most dangerous are those who think they do .
Jesus was well aware of regional patronization ( we Ecos ( including McGowan) know its easy to make lots of money in cities - but we prefer to make things !- to be properly productive .
"What good can come from Nazareth. Colac ,Benalla " . Here's what's good!- your butter icecream and milk .
Economic reality is not economic exploitation . Economic stability and sustainability is what our country needs to be truly Liberal ( generous)
Don't patronise the poor,  listen to them - Rock solid Proverbs 11:14  The poorwithus will help keep us on the straight and narrow .
Go Katherine McGowan - She is at last saying things that Nationals like the docile and compliant Warren Truss should have been saying for years.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Kennett Symbol

Tough on the outside, but very messy once you put the pressure on.

Depression is growing in our society , not only because things are broken and  need fixing ( nothing new) , but because the popular political correction methods do not work - mess.
You get depressed when things don't work . When what you imagine of yourself  and others proves to be faulty. Sure its right to see the problem as personal mindset but its corporate crap too that can have caught you here - its what i'm talking to here.

Many people have bought into a pup . They throw out the old and buy into the new , when the old may work better and using it costs our children nothing - infact we give them BOTH  a debt free future and a debt free attitude . Thinking outside the box is right but only if what's inside the box works and works better. Repairs, like reform is completely underrated esp by those who muddy the waters by their throwing mud at human solutions to just about anything ( see Churchill qualification for democracy)  . Maybe major  new growth industries in Australia could be repair reform ones (copyright 30th May 2012 EA)
Buying into new solutions is expensive and, unless it really works long term ,  only builds castles in the unsustainable and non renewable court of retail therapy -Shelf projects ( you heard it first on blogger).Some Liberals are pleased . Thinking liberals are not.

New shells do nothing . Only new attitude; " metanoia" -  brings relief  . After all,  our only disability / others only disability is our / their attitude. ( GK Chestertons  record breaking letter to the London Times ) 
Jeff Kennett,  in becoming a lead figure in Beyond Blue has learned something from being in office . He created enough of the problem to know something about it . If only others would follow his lesson learnt lead there, and learn something .
If only some of those like 3AW's Neil Mitchell and James Packer  could only see beyond  the simplicities he symbolizes .These dummies continue to confuse their desire for boundaries with their desire to remove them .
James Packer , in a move which symbolizes some of the worst aspects of modern liberalism , said yesterday he would like Jeff Kennett on the board of some of his casinos enterprises ECHO .   Xenophon is right - "curiuos" when depression is the main disease in gambling and the effect of chasing such simplicities 

What is it about Jeff the symbol that is so attractive to power brokers ? ( and where is the real Jeff Kennett in all this?)
Clearly its JK's "can do" attitude - just as this attitude was the one that got him elected as Premier of the State of Victoria in the 1900's . Jeff   does not let  the complexities of oikonomia get in the road of a way through . The tendency of the simple to find such stupid simplicities attractive are completely understandable : that doesn't make these sort of Liberals  fit for office - any thing but .
We all may regret the wasteful good will hunting nonsense of Labor with mere money , but the Modern Australian Liberal Party take the cake for wasteful good will driven non thinking  nonsense of the basis of liberalism . The Modern Australian Liberal Party takes the cake for not using their brains when making decisions - as if everything comes at a price or worse , everything good comes with more pressure. The Modern Australian Liberal Party takes the cake for dumbness and idolness.
I fully accept the need for toughness but not the shallow stuff symbolised by JK .  I fully accept the need for toughness but know it only works when it originates in toughness of the mind and spirit .
We trust that there are some people in all parties who still think and take advice instead of applying retail rhetoric  to every problem they haven't already yet solved. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How many big hammers does LNP need to change the world

None. If Newman reflects  on the wasted smash and grab  of Kennett  and the key result of even less competent planning bureaus  he might realise that Labor are not the only ones with a problem .

Nothing is more dangerous for the new QLD LNP leadership than  arraogance and a sense of righteousness.  We saw it on election night when the deputy got stuck into Katter ( calling his talk rubbish")when all Katter said was quite reasonable .  More importantly LNP might have relied on KAP for preferences = as if the winner needs to do this shows a form of mental illness that offends.
Bob Katter is absolutely right to point out to the arrogant comfort zone collectives in this country that market driven economics is too exploitative for rural economies (and he speaks for the whole world on this and as a lone voice in Australia). 
Because of that fact he should poll well in rural areas where this news is not news. I hope for the sake of the cathartic effect of truth, that his inability to fully articulate " a political solution " will not be held altogether against him. We ALL need help to develop responses to our constituencies concerns and while he remains a lone voice he is not getting it ! Posted 8am Saturday24th March 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

When will Libs take up the slack and win?

The opposition parties , to be credible, have to carry the indifference and objection of some party supporters with them all the time. For that reason they can't afford to let the motherhood marginal parties run a policy platform THEY could just as well run themselves ( because they would study it and know how to do it properly) At both a State and federal level the Libs are missing opportunities to grab votes . I know this because I have been offering them good environ leads for years .
The Greens continue to beat this sleepy lot to a game that is easy to play a whole lot better than they do - because they CAN GET the backing of people who know ( professionals who vote major party) But no, the Libs woose out on water,  fire and health risk good policy promos , afraid , it seems to really stick their necks out and win points like the Greens will continue to do . Points that could lose them the election JUST  like a few point to the greens did last time .
eg this week a green group is influencing what sunscreens are used in schools.  FROM ABC environment 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Even the Liberals get lost sometimes

The failure of Vic Liberals to anticipate their reactive politics has to be seen to be believed . 3 years after the most serious bush fire disaster in Australia's history the new government haven't got the guts to tell the Shires that that they must create and nominate open spaces for people protection. The Shires are afraid to move without a lead and even though the inquiry highlighted the need - nothing practical has been done in one of the highest risk areas in Victoria.
Like the previous incompetents,  they build new empires that cry wolf but  fail to address the simple matter of sign posting places of last resort.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Julia beating the conservatives at their own game ?

Offering tokens at election can win elections,  but it won't keep you in government.

While Labor are being forced to accept that, why don't conservatives grab the ground of environemnatl cerdibility that is going begging when the left move right ( as they appear to be doing with uranium and cola seam gas ) . If conservatives can't be celar about who owns eco competencies ( professionals) they will continue to fail to grab the hearts and minds of young austrailians who could vote for them - if only theye were CLEAR
Not doing something or using something because its dangerous ( even politically ) may mean you prefer ignorance and fear  to a mature attitude to risk . The people want certainty; The sort of certainty  that comes with ignoring a panic driven media and political process. The sort of certainty  that comes with boring old career focus by all Australians . The sort of certainty  that comes with politcians who don't tell us "what they think" - cf a professional group such as we have at  We work best when we don't try to do each others jobs but respect the roles .
Gillard , with the Greens running the show,  knows she has to show how Labor still has some backbone . Her statement today that she intends to make her position clear on some middle sound ground issues is very welcome. ( if not deeply credible on energy policy )  because the NEW doesn't mean throwing out the old . Such stupid reactionary politics characterizes the immature and the ageing media reactionaries in power  and helps explain why Labor has been losing its appeal
No doubt the Greens will seek to mediate a solution to the sleeping giant s wake up call - but having changed everything often ( and therefore undermined their credibility on moral ground  by constantly moving it - the moral ground clearly more passively shared by others ) they are not credible - be interesting to see if they can agree to say something useful or just hug each other over every token word that seems to say they are being taken seriously

Labor's needs to stop selling things and trying to fiddle with the market - ( not god enough at it) Greenlabor's stupid and shallow belief in change for changes sake ( they aren't used to discernment and selling that)  will need a good shake if they are not to STILL go down still  buying technology and clothes they don't understand and can't see the "old hat sale"  notice on .
We know she's been wearing invisible clothes even if the conference doesn't get it yet either .
Change driven by desperation doesn't keep you in power either .
Maybe rather than have debates on conferenence electives on a narrative (and one that isn't modelled on the word NEW)